Refinery / Gas Plant

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Hanyang Industry designs, manufactures and supplies devices and facilities
necessary for domestic and overseas oil and gas refining process.

Especially, we are supplying thermal reactors, waste gas incinerators,
waste heat boilers, pyrolysis furnaces, air heaters and etc. as a package
which are essential for the SRU (Sulfur Recovery Unit) and SAR (Sulfur Acid Recovery)
processes based on our advanced technology.

There is always high level of satisfaction reported from our customers, since higher
efficiency, economized construction, lower maintenance and easy operational control.


  • Thermal Reactor
  • Waste Heat Boiler
  • Steam Super Heater
  • In Line Heater
  • Tail Gas Incinerator
  • Decomposition Furnace
  • Direct Fired Air Heater
  • Process Air Heater
  • Heat Recovery Unit
  • Stack