Industrial Plant

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Hanyang Industry has been designing and constructing a diverse industrial plant 
including incinerator plant, semiconductor precursor plant, fine chemical plant, 
wastewater treatment plant, pilot plant for research and development.

In the incinerator plant, Hanyang Industry has been executing a number of various projects,
salt(NaCl, Na2CO3, Na2SO4, NaSH, KOH, K2CO3) incinerator, submerged incinerator, 
halogen compound incinerator as well as HCl, HF recovery system and heat recovery boiler.

Also, Hanyang Industry has worked numerous unit process, spanning the full range of services
for the absorption, adsorption, evaporation, stripping system by introducing process simulation.

Based on such experience, Hanyang Industry will continue to provide total solution for diverse
project in domestic and international area.


  • Salt Incinerator and Submerged Incinerator for decomposing liquid wastes containing alkaline metal group form salts (NaCl, Na2CO3, Na2SO4, NaSH, KOH, K2CO3, etc)
  • Halogen-compound Destruction Incinerator and HCl, HF Recovery System
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Semiconductor Precursor Plant
  • Fine Chemical Plant
  • Pilot Plant / Maintenance Work for Electrochemical Cell
  • Absorption / Adsorption / Evaporation / Concentration / Scrubbing / Stripping System